Terms of use at Marque Company

1. General Conditions of Contract

1. These Terms and Conditions cover all Contracts entered into by a Client with the Company for services relating to design, printing, copywriting, visual media, web sites, branding (identity), illustrations, images and photography (Artwork).
2. All prices and specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.
3. These Terms and Conditions apply to the Company and all of its contractors and subsidiaries.

2. Quotations

1. Quotations are valid for 7 working days only, unless stated otherwise and we will not guarantee the price validity and stock availability of a third party supplier.

3. Deposits

1. All goods remain the property of Marque Company until fully paid.
2. A deposit of 50% is required before work done, and balance on collection or delivery with a fee.
3. Deposits are non-refundable and will be forfeited if orders are cancelled.
4. Orders not collected within 30 working days will be sold to defray expenses.
5. SPECIAL ORDERS can be made with a 75% deposit and balance on collection within 30days.

4. Invoice

1. The Client reserves the right to request a payment plan which may be accepted by the Company at its discretion. All payment plans must be agreed by both parties in writing.
2. No credit will be issued for any good returned later than 48hrs of date of purchase.
3. If the return of goods takes place within 48hrs of purchase, a credit will be passed provided the goods are returned in the exact condition as purchased including the original packaging.
4. All payments are to be made within 30 days of invoicing. (Pursuant to claw 3.4).

5. Approving Artwork/Design/Printing

1. The Client is held responsible for approving all Artworks/layouts and ensuring accuracy and suitability, this includes; design, spelling, grammar, illustrations, images and quantity. It is the responsibility of the Client to request another copy if found difficult to read.
2. The Client’s final approval is the Artwork/layout that will be submitted for prints, there will be no reprints at our expense.

6. Cancellation by a Client

1. If the Client requests the cancellation of a contract, the company will determine the costs of services provided and invoice the total amount minus any deposits (non-refundable) paid on the project to date.

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